New PCEP Schedule

PCEP Block Schedule 2021
Monday/Tuesday (Blue Cohort) & Thursday/Friday (Green Cohort)
Time Period Length
7:10am-8:10am 1st/4th Hour 60 minutes
8:20am-9:20am 2nd/5th Hour 60 minutes
9:30am-10:30am 3rd/6th Hour 60 minutes
10:30am-12:00pm Lunch 90 minutes
12:10pm-12:44pm 1st/4th Mandatory Remote 34 minutes
12:51pm-1:25pm 2nd/5th Mandatory Remote 34 minutes
1:32pm-2:10pm 3rd/6th Mandatory Remote 38 minutes

Wednesday (Remote Learning Day)
Time Period Length
7:10am-8:30am 1st Hour/SEL 70 minutes
8:40am-9:30am 2nd Hour 50 minutes
9:40am-10:30am 3rd Hour 50 minutes
10:30am-11:20am Lunch 40 minutes
11:20am-12:10pm 4th Hour 54 minutes
12:20pm-1:10pm 5th Hour 50 minutes
1:20pm-2:10pm 6th Hour 50 minutes

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